Leading Innovation and Revolution of the Building Industry

At Colab we understand that we can’t just be another facade company, that’s why in this competitive market we offer more than any other from concept design, design, engineering, procurement, logistics and onsite installation. We understand that the best kind of company is one who treats its clients like partners. A company who is willing to listen to your specific needs and requirements. That’s why we consider good advice and good service to be just as an important part of our business as the quality of the products that we produce.

New Age Approach
At Colab we handle the whole chain so when you have a relationship with our company you always have access to the most progressive ways of design, procurement, logistics and on site methods. The way we track our material to hand overs after installation. Colab's methods are the future of our industry.
Building a Family
Our avenues of communication in-house is full of energy and creativity due to the large scale projects we are always in the middle of, Our team is always getting the best exposure to top end resources, gaining ability to hold team together is a good reflection on our culture and the management of Colab.
Colab is always reaching out to build our resources and combining our methods with the new resource. We believe in collaborations with other companies because it produces creative ideas and methodologies that will (in our experiences) produce productivity in the end.
Our Mission
Building on Trust

At Colab we are continuously improving our service to clients and being responsive to their needs by constructing sustainable, safe, high quality and cost effective materials, through a process of consultation and innovation. It’s a collaboration of minds and resources, Colab will compliment that with our experience and results at all cost attitude.